Kim Huynh-Whiting is a qualified Acupuncturist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is based in Durham, United Kingdom and treats a wide range of problems in her private practice.

Successfully treated conditions:


Depression; anxiety; asthma; bedwetting; bronchitis; cancer (supported treatment only); catarrh; circulatory problems; colds and flu; colitis; constipation; cystitis; depression; diarrhoea, diabetes; dizziness; endometriosis; fatigue; gynaechological problems


Acnes; scars, eczema, dermatitis, hair loss psoriasis, shingles, vitiligo, prurigo

Muscular-skeletal and neurological

Stroke; arthritis; back pain; Bell’s palsy; frozen shoulder; neuralgia; rheumatism; sport injury; tennis elbow; whiplash; MS; sciatica; spondylosis; sprains